5 days to a healthier beard

5 days to a healthier beard




So you're quarantined without any professional guidance, what do you do? Fear not, help is on the way! Add these simple, practical steps to your daily skin and beard care routine to help you achieve the beard goals you always thought were impossible. 

Step 1: Stop using cheap body soap

Using cheap over the counter body soap is not only terrible for your skin but even worse for your beard health. Using body soap is the perfect way to dry out your skin and bring on that dreaded beard itch and not to mention dandruff. Why is it so bad for you? Body soap strips all the natural oils in your skin and your doing exactly that by putting in on your face. You want to be using a soap that will gently cleanse, retain your skin's natural PH level but strong enough to still cleanse. We have two options for you:

A) Aloe & Hemp Beard wash

Our beard wash is safe to use as a daily cleanser for your beard. The combination of Aloe, Hemp-seed, and rice-bran oil will lock in your beards natural moisture without drying it out. 

Suggested use:

-Use during or immediately after a shower

-Pour a half dime size in your palms 

-Use your fingertips in a circular motion making sure to also cleanse skin underneath

- Use daily in combination with beard balm/butter



B) Beard and Face Soap

The difference is our beard soap is a deeper cleanse than the Aloe & Hemp beard wash. The combination of vegetable oils and African black soap makes this safe enough for your face and your beard. If your one of the guys who doesn't like having any product in his beard, this is a great option for you as well. The moisturizing properties in this soap can replace a daily beard balm. You don't have to go to bed with product in your beard if you don't want to.


Suggested use

-Rub bar in between hands until suds start to form

-Gently rub into beard and skin using your fingetips

-Use as a daily wash if you prefer to not use any moisturizers

-Use 1-2 times a week if combining with  daily wash and moisturizer

-Apply during or immediately after a shower


Step 2: Love your skin too

What good will it do you if you have a great, healthy, luscious beard but your skin looks dry?  A great daily routine must include some love for our skin. Daily exfoliation is key keeping your skin healthy and preventing signs of aging. Lucky for you, we have a unique exfoliating scrub that is unlike any other.


A) Facial Scrub with coffee

Suggested use:

-Apply a small dime size and rub in between your palms

-Apply across the entire face making sure to cleanse underneath the beard

-Be sure to only scrub for 1-2 minutes to prevent irritation

Our unique combination of plant and coffee butter mixed with fine pumice will reinvigorate your skin and gently scrub all of those dead skin cells that keep it from breathing properly.  Coffee is a natural antioxidant that also combats free radicals. Your skin will thank you!




Step 3: Lock-in natural oils

 Now we need to take it a step further and keep the oils our skin produces. The key to finding a quality beard balm is not just how it smells, but what it does? Does the product soften your beard over time or does it just sit on top of it? After a few weeks, you should feel a noticeable difference in your beard if you're being consistent. If you don't and your beard still feels dry and damaged, then that's a good sign that its time to make a change. Our two options are:

A) Beard balm (strong hold)

You will not find a combination of moisturizing butters like this on the market, guaranteed. Our combination of Avocado, Jojoba, and Moringa butter combined with Argan and hempseed oil will lock in all of your natural oils without leaving your face feeling greasy.

Suggested Use:

-Use after daily wash

-Scoop a dime size into your palm and warm in between your hands until it melts

-Apply generously throughout your beard making sure you apply evenly from roots to ends

-Great for longer of fuller beards that need extra control


B) Beard butter (Light hold)

Our beard butter has all of the same benefits and ingredients as the beard balm but with a lighter hold.

Suggested Use:

-Good for short to medium-length or less coarse beards

-Easier application than beard balm


Step 4: Adding a healthy shine (optional)

This step is optional, I know there are lots of men don't like any shine in their hair and beard and prefer a more natural look. Feel free to skip this step if you fall into this category. Otherwise, this is the perfect finishing touch for your beard and hair. Our hair and beard oil will add a natural shine while also providing it with some natural vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants that promote hair growth.

Suggested Use:

-Apply a very small amount into your palms and run into entire beard

-Use more product if the beard is more course or longer

-Use unscented if preferred


Take the challenge today and let us know your results. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and use #Chophousebeardchallenge. We look forward to seeing some amazing changes!


Joshua  Cardona

Co-owner Chophouse Barber Company

6715 Weslayan Street

Houston, Texas, 77005




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